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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Equipment Quality Upgrade


All equipments (Clothes, Clubs, and Accessories) that has been enchanted to level 10 can be upgraded from Normal quality to Rare, SRare, and Platinum.

When the equipment is upgraded, the equipment will automatically unlock a NEW SKILL!

Materials for equipment upgrading are other equipments with the same quality (Normal, Rare, SRare, Platinum), and a number of Miracle Perfumes with equivalent quality as well.

Miracle Perfumes can be purchased through the Special Shop (randomly) using Honor Coins.

Honor Coins can be obtained by opening up a Reward Box using 10 Medals gained by winning PVPs.


Upgrading equipment quality to Rare, SRare, and Platinum will unlock new skills.

Special Shop randomly sells Miracle Perfumes.

Get Honor Coins from the PVP Reward Box to buy items in the Special Shop.

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