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Increasing Puri Power


High Puri Power is useful for defeating monsters that occupy some areas at certain stages.

Puri Powers from each team member is accumulated into Team Puri Power. With a high Team Puri Power, the Attack Power will also increase so you can easily defeat the monsters.

Your character will deal maximum damage if your character’s element is the same as the monster’s element.

Some ways to improve the Puri Power of your characters are:

  • Using equipment that has a high Puri Power status and / or enchanting it.
  • Upgrading your character’s Puri Power status.
  • Upgrading Pasive Skills like Puri Power Boost.


Use equipments with high Puri Power status.

Enchant your equipment level.

Upgrade your character’s Puri Power status using materials obtained from stages.

Upgrade passive skills like Puri Power Boost.

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