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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Increasing Accuracy

The higher the accuracy, the wider the Good Shot Zone of your character is. Good Shot Zone is a Red zone to the left and right of the Pangya Zone.

Here are ways to increase your character’s Accuracy:

  • Using equipments that has a high Accuracy status and / or enchanting it.
  • Upgrading your character’s Accuracy status.
  • Drinking Coffee Latte before starting the stage will increase 50 accuracy.

There is also skills like Fairway Pangya that can increase the width of the Pangya Zone.


Use equipments with high Accuracy status.

Enchant your equipments.

Upgrade your character’s Accuracy using materials obtained from stages.

Drink Caffe Latte (bottom right coffee icon) before starting the stage.

Use skills like Fairway Pangya before hitting to widen the Pangya Zone.

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