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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Increasing Skill Power


Skill Power determines the maximum limit of Skill Gauge and its regeneration speed that can be used to cast character’s Skills.

Skill Power is accumulated from each team member’s Skill Power into Team Skill Power. The higher the Team Skill Power, the faster the Skill Gauge is filled, meaning the more often characters can use Skills.

Skill Gauge is filled each time you hit the ball or getting Wiz Stones scattered throughout the stage.

Some ways to improve your character’s Skill Power are:

  • Using equipments that has a high Skill Power status and / or enchanting it.
  • Upgrading your character’s Skill Power status.


Use equipments with high Skill Power status.

Enchant your equipment level.

Upgrade your character’s Skill Power using materials obtained from stages.

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