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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Skills and Wiz Stones

Wiz Stone

Wiz Stones are purple stones that hovers in the air. Wiz Stones fill up your Skill Gauge greatly, which then you can use it to cast your character skill! Everytime you hit the ball also fills up your Skill Gauge slightly, depending on the quality of your character equipment.

To use a skill, tap the Skill Button at the bottom left of the screen, then select the Skill you want to use. Note that Skills and Special Shots are completely different things! But you can use both at once, for example: Tiki can do Tomahawk (special shot) and After-spin (skill) simultaneously.

As seen in the image above, Tiki is using the Estimate Ball Path skill, which will show you a purple line that shows the accurate prediction of the ball’s direction!

Check out the demonstration video below:

Each character in Pangya Mobile is equipped with a number of Skills that can be unlocked when the character reaches a certain License.

To achieve a new License, the character must meet the requirements of a certain Level, Material, and Stats.

Requirements to get an Amateur A License and its advantages including unlocking After-spin F-R skill.

After a new License is obtained, then the new Skill will also be unlocked automatically. After that, Skills can be upgraded to make it even better.

Here are lists of Skills of Marr, Tiki, Arin, Cecilia, and Lucia characters.

Marr’s skills

Tiki’s skills

Arin’s skills

Cecilia’s skills

Lucia’s skills

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