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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Special Shots

Special Shot is a unique shot that can help you overcome certain obstacles. Each character has only one type of Special Shot, they are:

  • Blade ShotMarr, Ryan
  • Tomahawk ShotTiki, Cecilia, Lolo
  • Cannon ShotArin, Lucia

Blade Shot is a shot that makes the ball flying low while sweeping the monsters and when it approaches the end of its range, the ball will rise up and falls down again. This Special Shot resembles Cobra Shot on the previous version of Pangya.

Tomahawk Shot is a highly accurate shot that makes the ball fly high and falls directly on the ground without rolling afterwards. This shot is very suitable for Approach Shot.

Cannon Shot is a shot that resembles a Tomahawk Shot, but the difference is that the ball will explode on the ground and bounce high up and then falls down again. This shot can be used to grab Treasure Chest above the hole inside the Green.

Special Shot can only be used several times in one game, depending on the mode of the game itself. Therefore, you should use Special Shot only if it is really needed.

Here is an example of a Tomahawk Shot demonstration video performed by Tiki:

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