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Panduan Pangya Mobile Guides, Tips & Tricks

Tips For Beginners


1. Raise Your Characters Level

In Pangya Mobile, your characters level will determine how far those characters can hit the ball, which opens up the possibility for scoring better. If your character is only at level 10, you can only score a Birdie, but if it is at level 30, then you can easily score Eagle, Albatross, or even Hole in One!

Raise your characters level by collecting materials from various maps, it is advisable to farm on the easiest map first, Pink Lane. After your character’s driving distance is far enough, then try the Blue Coast, and so on.

2. Focus On Your Favorite Characters

In completing a hole, you must use three different characters, it is strongly recommended to use at least 1 Putter Type character ie Arin or Lucia. The remaining two characters are up to your preference, but for beginners it’s good to use 2 Power Type characters and 1 Putter Type character. This is so that you can reach the Green with just two strokes and get a Birdie. When your  character’s power has reached a high level, then you can start trying the more advanced combination of Power Type, Accurate Type, and Putter Type.

The Accurate Type characters are characters that can put the ball in difficult situations, for example on high-level maps.

Focus on leveling up your favorite characters only, in order to have a good team faster.

3. Take Advantage of All Features

In Pangya Mobile, there are so many daily features that give you lots of free stuff that helps speed up your characters development.

Do the followings:

  • Special Challenge 3x a day to get materials in large quantity
  • Daily Challenge 3x a day to get materials in large quantity
  • Collect PVP Medals to open the PVP treasure chest for up to 3x a day
  • Buy rare items like Stamps or Miracle Perfumes from Special Shop using PVP Honor Points.
  • Send and receive Heart to 50 friends, to draw Heart Gacha every day
  • Join Tournaments and play as good as you can
  • Spend all the Pin Holes for farming materials
  • Use Alchemy to make free N-SR Gacha tickets

4. Raise Your Characters Skills

Characters skills can be leveled up using the Training Book, but you should be careful when leveling up your character’s Active Skill, because the requirement to use the skill also goes up, for example: Active Skill Lv.1 requires 100 Skill Gauge, while Active Skill Lv.2 needs 150 Skill Gauge.

For the Passive Skills, you can freely level up those skills without any disadvantages.

5. Upgrade Your Characters’ Outfit And Clubsets

All outfits and clubsets can be enchanted and then upgraded to a higher quality, for example: Max leveled N outfit/clubset can be upgraded to N+ outfit/clubset. Max leveled N+ outfit/clubset then can be upgraded to R outfit/clubset, and so on.

For beginners, it is advisable to upgrade your R Outfits or R Clubsets that have the Skills you like, to R+, and then eventually to SR. When the outfit/clubset becomes SR, then the new skill will be unlocked and you can benefit from it. Skills like Cheer! are buff skills for the entire team that can be randomly (15% chance) activated at every turn. These skills are very useful to help you score better.

6. Use a Better Device

Pangya Mobile is a fairly heavy 3D game for a smartphone, so it is highly recommended to play using a smartphone or tablet that has a powerful CPU and GPU. Here, you can find a benchmark page from Futuremark to find out which device is good for playing Pangya Mobile and all mobile games in general. For devices that have around 15000 to 20000 of scores on the page, can play Pangya Mobile smoothly (50fps up) with Low spec or Medium spec (about 30fps). For devices that have a score of 25000 and above can play smoothly with High spec.

If you have a PC with a modern processor like Intel Core i3 and above, you can try installing Android Emulator like Nox Player and play more comfortably using a larger monitor screen.

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